Roaster's Choice Box


This month’s coffee comes from Santa Clara from the farm Finca Santa Teresa. Finca Santa Teresa stretches out over 237 acres and is nestled high up in the cloud forest at 1400-1600 metres above sea level, adjacent to La Amistad National Park - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The farm is famed for its award-winning Geisha coffees and it's also home to Caturra, Catuai, Typica and Caturra plants. The La Llorona river provides a natural water source, the volcanic soil is full of nutrients and the Pacific and Atlantic weather systems ensure an optimal balance of rainfall and sunshine.

Jemima takes its name from the plot on which it was grown. In the cup this coffee has blackberry and green apple notes when first brewed, with floral chamomile, cranberry and soft lime as it cools.

  • Tastes Like:

  • Green Apple + Elderflower + Chamomile Tea

  • Farmer — Finca Santa Teresa
  • Region — Santa Clara, Renacimiento
  • Altitude — 1400 to1600 MASL
  • Process — Natural
  • Varietal — Catuai
Head of Product and Roaster
Each month Nick Mabey (UK Roasting Champion 2018) sources one new coffee for you to try, and then hand roasts it to bring out its finest flavours. 
Recommended Brew Method  
This coffee is delicious brewed by a filter method such as a v60 pour over creating a perfectly balanced, crowd pleasing coffee. 
What is washed processing? 

The coffee bean is ‘depulped’ to remove the skin then rested in water-filled fermentation vats, where naturally occurring enzymes cause the rest of the fruit to dissolve.