Born from a shared passion of things fast, stylish and tasty, came the realisation of Volcano Coffee Works!

So it began

Kurt and Olaf began their friendship in their late teens, on board vintage scooters, whilst dabbling in the budding independent café revolution in the late 80's New Zealand landscape. Both were inspired by design, function, great food and an obsession for fantastic coffee.

The quest for a decent coffee resumed when the boys met up in London in the early 90's when Kurt was working as a chef and Olaf an international war correspondent cameraman. By the 'naughties, Kurt's attention turned from cuisine to boutique coffee roasting, making him one of the pioneers of the speciality roasting scene we see flourishing in London today.  In 2010 the boys got hold of a bit of roasting kit, some old and some new, sourced some great specialty high mountain beans and started roasting them (…and tasting them…and roasting them…and roasting and tasting!). 

So here we stand, still obsessing about beautiful coffee. Our team has grown, more family has got involved and we have been joined by other passionate coffee lovers from around the globe. 

Now together we produce unique, fresh, high quality, magnificent coffee to satisfy our obsession … Oh, and yours too if you'd like.

It's the kind of world we want to live in!




Our seven values

Quality Work only with the best raw materials available, that we're nothing short of proud to use and supply
Craftsmanship Taking time, care and attention in everything we do
Accessibility Be welcoming and open to those with all levels of interest and knowledge in specialty coffee
Demystification Keep it simple, don't over complicate things, deliver the right knowledge at the right time
Flavour first Show our clients what we enjoy, and share our journey in the world of specialty coffee
Exceptional Service Exceed expectations, do more than respond to client needs - assist whenever we can
Exploring Never stop developing, always aiming to learn & improve - committed to discovering new things and methods of work

Kurt and Olaf's scooter


The Roastery

T: +44 20 3876 0876


General Manager - Onny


Master Roaster - Kurt


Our story