Here are some guidelines for making coffee at home with some of our favourite brewers. Each brewing method produces its own delicious result and all are worth trying.

Making great coffee

Great coffee is not limited to espresso and it's not only for professional coffee nutters. Brewing at home can be rewarding in many ways, be it the reliability of your trusty stovetop, or allowing some space for creativity - you can brew a fine cup of coffee for yourself at home, using any method.

Get a coffee grinder

Using freshly-ground coffee is the first big quality breakthrough you can make. You could buy ground coffee but by the time you get around to brewing it, much of the subtle qualities that make coffee wonderful will be long gone.

A decent burr grinder is what you need, they grind the beans to a consistent particle size, a blade grinder smashes the beans into any number of large and small parts - causing uneven coffee extraction.

Next stop, adjust the grind size so it suits your preferred method of brewing.

Buy fresh roasted beans

You can look for the roast date to see how fresh they are, don't trust a bag without one. Generally, it's better to buy regularly, in small quantities.

See our Brewing Methods on PlungerStovetopPour over and Espresso.




The quickest way to enjoy coffee. Complex and concentrated.


French Press

A rich and consistent brew method. Full and accurate.



An intense and strong traditionalist brew by stove.

Pour over

Pour over

The most versatile way to brew. Light and clear or intense and full-bodied.