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A top quality grinder is just as essential as a premium machine in extracting the perfect espresso. We chose to work only with Anfim, Mazzer, Mahlkonig and Nuova Simonelli for their consistency and quality. These grinders ensure reliability and consistent particle size throughout the dose without the excess heat that can be created from grinding.


Mazzer products, entirely manufactured in Italy are recognisable and appreciated worldwide, which makes them the preferred choice of the most prestigious places serving coffee.

Passion for detail, the finest workmanship and quality parts are indicators of unrivalled quality. Each product is a result of long research and development. All  Mazzer products are manufactured with great care and control over production cycle to ensure the maximum durability and reliability that have always distinguished Mazzer grinders. 

Nuova Simonelli

Mythos One stands out for its innovative Clima Pro technology and for the Clump Crusher system that ensures dose consistency and regularity, helping your baristas to achieve even extraction. The technology of the Mythos One has not gone unnoticed; day after day more and more baristas appreciate its features as well as its new systems that help to bring consistent quality to espresso.


Mahlkonig has been manufacturing quality grinders in Germany since 1924, they are a renown espresso industry standard. With intricate design meshed with an intuitive interface that can satisfy both the pickiest of prosumer coffee geeks as well as coffee shop aficionados, every creation of Mahlkonig reflects the perfect marriage of form and function. The quality of production these coffee grinders offer is never in question, as consistency is one of Mahlkonig's main focuses.


Located in the heart of Milan in Italy, Anfim stands as the archetype Italian espresso manufacturing company.

Anfim grinders are known for their durable build, high quality burr sets, and low RPM motors which help to reduce heat while grinding.

Anfims are economically priced, while being of equal build, quality, style & longevity they are limited only by their top speed, so they make excellent guest espresso grinders.