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Engine Oil Cold Brew Coffee

We at Volcano are very proud of our premium bottled cold brew coffee - Engine Oil - which uses sustainably and ethically sourced single origin coffees that are seasonally rotated.

Engine Oil is a bold 1:2 concentrate which makes it a fantastic base for drinks and a mixologist’s dream. Fancy a glass of classic black cold brew over ice? Top up your Engine Oil with a little water. Need a speedy Espresso Martini? Our brew is a hardy compliment to the best premium spirits.

The particular flavour profiles of specific origins may suit certain recipes better. For iced lattes, we would start with classically rich Central and South American coffees from Brazil, Colombia and Peru respectively. Perhaps that's why SOAK Shakes & Co use our Peruvian beans in their Cashew Iced Latte! But don’t forget about our African cold brews, which never cease to amaze with their complex yet refreshing flavours when served black!"