Having well-trained and confident baristas is a must. They will help you to deliver a competitive coffee offering.

Your team needs to have some essential knowledge, know the key principles and best practice techniques, so they understand how to efficiently use an espresso machine or make always excellent filter coffee. We offer different training modules to help your baristas - whether they are beginners or seasoned professionals. 

  • The trainings are are held either at our roastery or on-site, as suited to your needs.
  • They are tailored to suit the way your company works.
  • Sessions are ran regularly to ensure any new bar staff gets up to speed (and anyone’s skills can be regularly refreshed)
  • We like to meet your bar staff to make sure that our training sessions suit their individual needs.
  • We understand that training is a process and not a 'one off' thing. 
  • All our wholesale accounts have access to the weekly roastery training sessions.

To hear more about how our training can work for your business, get in touch.


The Roastery

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