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Best before

Coffee tastes best brewed within one month from roasting.


Once open, it's best to store your coffee in an airtight container in a cool, dark place not in the fridge.

The Mount Espresso Blend


About this coffee

20 % | Costa Rica Amapola Tarrazu | Strictly High Grown
30 % | Peru Chanchanmayo Valley | 
Strictly High Grown Fairtrade | Organically Grown
50 % | Brazil Cerado Minas Geriais | Pulped Natural 

The Mount was launched as a house blend in 2013, paying homage to our master roaster's father.

It offers a smooth, very low acidity espresso for those who like the richness of a slightly darker roast. Some might consider it a typically classic kiwi coffee, we find it runs perfectly in restaurants accustomed to old school coffee roasting.

The three bean blend presents a cocoa body and notes of light spice.

The Costa Rica Tarrazu Amapola grows on the slopes of the Los Frailes, and Bustamante sub regions of Tarrazu, and benefits not only from the altitude of these slopes, but also from the uninterrupted flow of two rivers which flow to the Pacific Ocean.

Peru Chanchanmayo Valley in the central highlands of Peru is one of the main producing areas of Peru, responsible for 40% of the nations output. This coffee is designated Strictly High Grown, meaning that is has been grown at altitudes of 1350m above sea level, slowing the development of the beans for a more complex cup. 

Brazil's Cerado is a pulped natural coffee, meaning that once the coffee cherries are harvested and milled, they don't remove all the coffee pulp, instead allowing the coffee to dry with some of the fruit still on the bean. This process results in a lower acidity and a high body and sweetness.

Find dark cocoa base, notes of sugar cane, dates and toasted macadamia.