Mount Blend + Blue Cappuccino Cups Gift Set

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The perfect coffee cup for the perfect coffee blend. This coffee and cappuccino cup gift set is ideal for a coffee lover in your life.

The Mount Blend is one of our most popular coffees thanks to its low-acidity, subtle sweetness and the way it captures the rich flavours of South American coffee. You’ll taste silky milk chocolate, rich caramel and sweet red grapes from beans we sourced all over the region.

For serving the Mount Blend our baristas choose the 9oz Cappuccino cup. Cappuccino cups are perfect for everyday use and ideal for making flat whites, cappuccinos or lattes. 

Inker porcelain is made by a double firing process at a high temperature giving the products greater scratch resistance, glaze durability and hardness, thus reducing the breakage rate and making it a high-quality product.

 Each set contains:

  • 1x 200g The Mount Blend (Whole Bean or Ground for Filter)
  • 2x Blue branded 8.5oz Cappuccino Cups
  • 2x Blue 16cm Cappuccino Saucer

 Additional Details:

  • Porcelain cappuccino cups (8.5oz/240ml) with 16cm saucers.
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe.
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