Kadamai - Ethiopia

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Tastes like: Peach, Candy, Floral 

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Jimma
Altitude: 1900-2100m
Process: The dominant processing type is mainly of wet method and all member of farmers deliver red cherry to the wet mill station, where they are processed using a more environmentally friendly Penagos eco-pulper.

Our single-origin Ethiopian coffee tastes sweet, fresh and bright with flavours like ripe peaches and candy

This unique flavour is achieved by the dominant farming practices. 45-55% of Coffee is grown under shade canopy, the shade tree leaves fall on the ground creating better condition for nutrients to cycle into the soil through process of decomposition giving an ideal growing medium.

Due to the high altitude range observed here, physiological maturation of the tree as well as the red cherry takes longer as opposed to other areas within KATAMUDUGA the slow maturation is believed to have a positive impact on quality green bean.

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