Limited Edition TOPJAW "TopPour" Coffee

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Tastes like: Red Grapes, Caramel, Milk Chocolate 

Origin: Brazil, El Salvador, Colombia

Jesse Burgess and Will Warr are the ever-hungry (for food and travel) dynamic duo behind TOPJAW, whose whistle stop city tours see them travelling the world on the hunt for the most indulgent and delectable dishes. Likened to a cinematic Time Out that gives damn good recommendations for where to go, what to eat and do in your favourite neighbourhoods, the pair’s infectious rapport is seen regardless of Will keeping his feet firmly behind the camera and Jesse holding his own in front.

A note from TopJaw "We both love coffee in the same way we love a family member, coffee can do no wrong. For years we have fan-girled over Volcano Coffee Works and their superb sourcing and roasting capabilities. These guys put on a show every damn day and it never misses. We are overjoyed to be working with this big bunch of legends on creating our very own medium roast blend."

About the coffee

This medium roast blend captures the rich flavours of South American coffee. You’ll taste silky milk chocolate, rich caramel and sweet red grapes from beans we sourced all over the region.

It’s grown by a selection of specialist, mostly family-run farmers in Brazil, El Salvador and Colombia and roasted in small batches in Brixton to preserve the signature flavour.

Watch the TOPJAW video here for tips and tricks on how to make the perfect espresso at home! 

Choose your grind

  • Filter grind suitable for: Cafetiere, Chemex, Filter, Aeropress, V60.
  • Espresso grind suitable for: Espresso and Moka pot/ Stovetop.

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