Ground Decaf Coffee

VDEC200ESP £6.50

Tastes like: Praline, Muscavado, Cacao

  • Espresso grind suitable for: Espresso and Moka pot/ Stovetop. 

Origin: Peru
Region: Chanchamyo, Junin 
Altitude: 1200-1600 masl
Process: Washed 

You can really taste the nutty praline flavour, sweet muscavado and cacao notes in our Decaf coffee. We use a chemical-free CO2 process to strip the caffeine out of this coffee while preserving its well-rounded flavour.

This blend is grown by ACPC Pichanaki Cooperative’s network of farmers in Peru’s Chanchamayo province - each producer gets technical help, better facilities for their community and a fixed price for their beans, guaranteeing a stable income.

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