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Meet The Team: Georgia

Meet The Team: Georgia

Independent coffee businesses are all about the people creating the product, their expertise, their passion for good coffee making a difference in the world. We're lucky to work with such people and boast proudly that our staff, suppliers and wholesale partners are industry leaders in their expertise and drive. 

In this series we're introducing you to the people who make Volcano Coffee Works tick. This time we're sitting down with Volcano's Marketing Assistant Georgia Crick.

What do you do for Volcano?

I'm Volcano's marketing assistant.

Ok, what do you really do?

Everything my marketing degree hasn't taught me!

How do you drink your coffee?

Flat white with oat milk please!

What’s some of the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Live in the present and stop worrying about the unknown. 

Tell us something that annoys you?

Listening to people eat.

Tell us something about you that may surprise us?

I love architecture and interior design, I can spend hours on end searching online for houses I will never afford! 

Give us a favourite quote/ joke/ fact.

"The world is yours" from the film Scarface.

Who would play your character in a film?

 Anne Hathaway.

What’s the number one guideline you try to live your life by?

Keeping positive, even though I am useless at doing that sometimes!

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