Fuelled By Volcano - Supporting Team GB

Introducing "Fuelled By Volcano." This is our way of celebrating the sporting heroes that inspire their communities and motivate us all to lead more active and healthy lifestyles. 

Over the next 3 weeks, we will be featuring interviews, challenges and tips on how to fuel your performance with coffee.
As the British athletes finalise their preparation for Tokyo Olympics we've been keeping a few of the more coffee obsessed among them 'fuelled' with caffeine. Read on to see their stories, learn about what inspires them and discover how they prefer to drink their coffee.
As part of #FuelledByVolcano we want to find ways to support local sports teams and clubs across the UK. If you're part of a team or know a great team, let us know.

Molly Renshaw - Team GB Swimming (Breaststroke)

Molly discusses her training routine, inspirations and coffee favourites. Read her answers here.

Joe Choong  Team GB Modern Pentathalon

Joe tells us about how often he trains, his 3 biggest achievement and, of course, how he likes his coffee. Read his answers here.

Chris Griffiths Team GB Men's Hockey

Chris tells us about caffeine to get the competitive edge, advice for sports people starting out and when to go flat white vs. when to pull out the aeropress. Read his answers here. 

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