Chris Griffiths Team GB Olympian Hockey Player

Team GB Olympian Hockey Player, Chris Griffiths, talks to us about his training routine and how he likes his coffee. 

We’ve been speaking to some of the GB athletes who are currently competing in Tokyo about their chosen sport and how coffee plays a big part in their routine. Read on to hear from Team GB skilful Hockey Player Chris Griffiths. 

In 2019 FIH Hockey Pro League Chris scored four goals in four games, including an unstoppable finish in an away victory over The Netherlands. Chris will be playing in the men’s Hockey on Saturday 24th at 10:30 (BST).

Here's what Chris had to say:

How did you get into your chosen sport?

My dad still plays hockey to this day well into his 60s. He is the main reason I play, my older brother started going down with dad to watch, so I went along, picked up a stick and never looked back.

Do you play any other sports?

As a young lad I was sports mad, I love sport! I used to swim, play cricket, football, rugby, hockey… you name it. I started focusing on hockey around 6th form after a number of years at junior international stuff. Now I am a keen golfer and passionate football fan.

What is your daily schedule like during the build up to the Olympics?

Well obviously starting the day with a coffee. Bar the obvious hockey sessions we also focus on our team psychology stuff along with gym sessions and tactical based stuff. The hockey sessions vary day to. Day depending on how close we are to a tournament. The closer we get the less volume we do but higher intensity and more a fine tuning element to sessions.

Who do you look up to in sport?

Growing up I always watched football but one Olympian I always admired was Steve Redgrave. His sheer determination alone is incredible let along the impact he has had in a Team GB vest.

On average how often do you train?

Pretty much everyday. During a domestic club season we still train as GB with club sessions too. So our week is GB then a weekend club game. On our ‘days off’ we might have a few lighter bike recover sessions or a swim to get the body going. During the off season domestically we train 4/5 times a week. On average 4 or 5 pitch sessions and 2/3 gym sessions a week. 

What are your top 3 biggest achievements?

Overcoming knee reconstruction surgery and returning to international hockey. European and commonwealth bronze and finally being selected to represent Team GB at the Olympics.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into sport?

Go for it!!! It’s amazing. It can be really daunting (particularly joining a team sport) but once you meet people and get over the initial hurdle then it’s so much fun and will give you some incredible memories and definitely friends for life!

What is the best thing about being part of a team?

The camaraderie! I love being part of a team. If things aren’t going well there are great support networks available. If things are going well you have your best mates sharing incredible experiences with you!

What part does coffee take in your routine?

Coffee = life! All jokes aside, as an athlete we are constantly striving for the 1 percentages that make a difference, whether that be in the gym or out on the pitch. For me coffee is a great way to prepare for a session as it boosts my energy and focuses me going into sessions.

What is your favourite go to coffee?

Out with friends is a flat white. Before training I’ll usually got V60 pour over of an AeroPress.

Quick fire questions:

Latte or Americano? Latte

Filter or espresso? Espresso

Cow’s milk or alternative? Cows

Caffeine or decaf? Caffeine

Cafetiere or machine? Machine

Iced or hot? Hot

To hear more from Team GB click here!

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